Our company is located in Jiangsh. The area is very popular tourist spot in Fenghua city, in Zhejiang Province. It is 25km away from Ningbo international airport and 60km from the Ningbo Beilun Port, The location is very convenient and easy to access.

Our company specializes in manufacturing hairdressing appliances, all kinds of hair scissors, civil scissors, tailoring scissors, pet scissors, stationery scissors and industrial scissors etc. With over three hundred different kinds of products we are confident of meeting any needs that our customer require. Through our unique production line for forging & pressing, heat treatment, machine process and milling process we are fully equipped to handle any order requirement.. Brand "JinYuan" has been best known for professional Straight razor and scissor products. With over twenty years production experience and advanced technics & equipment, our products have become the best in the market both within China and internationally.

The policy of "JinYuan" is sincerity, professional service, innovation and development. We welcome every opportunity to be of service.